Solutions for cooperation

methodologies and tools for organizations and projects to manage and exchange knowledge.

Knowledge Management

We look at knowledge processes within organizations as a system with dynamic interactions between people and the technology. Systemic approach to organizational development is our way to improved knowledge management.

We support communities, project teams and networks to assess, manage and leverage knowledge driven activities.

  • 01
    Knowledge elicitation & needs assessment
  • 02
    Organizational analysis
  • 03
    Strategy development
  • 04
    Change management design, coaching & mentoring
  • 05


We stand for a responsible and integrative approach to all of our developments as established in Principles for Digital Development and Agile Software development.

We support all kind of services around the lifecycle of technical initiative.

  • 06
    Requirement analysis
  • 07
    Technology design & innovation
  • 08
    Agile software development and proof of concept
  • 09
    Assessment studies
  • 10
    Open Source transformation and hosting
  • 11
    Technical trainings & coaching

Knowledge Management Framework (KM-f)

We work to foster access to data and knowledge co-creation in distributed communities of practice. The knowledge management framework highlights our approach to needs assessment, identification of change management requirements and piloting knowledge management interventions.

Read the KM-f Check our approach

Part of Knowledge management – from bottleneck to success factor by GIZ GmbH in collaboration with OneOffTech under Creative Commons Attribution 4.0.

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