OneOffTech provides institutions working in the international cooperation field (implementing agencies, local governmental and non-governmental institutions) with solutions (hardware, software and consultancy services) to better organize, manage and exchange their knowledge in form of data and information (knowledge management).


Efficient and flexible methodology for developing successful solutions with fun. It is based on iterative, measurable and verifiable small steps, with integrative and empowering involvement of all actors.


Technology for cooperation

Design, implementation and application of digital media, software and hardware with sensibility for open source paradigms.

Organizational support

Agile and data-driven approach to accompany organizations into change processes.

Data and knowledge management

Needs assessment, organizational and requirement analysis for ICT-based support to knowledge processes in communities of practice.

Our Open Source tools


Web based document management system, called K-Box. This Software allows organizations and groups to flexibly manage their knowledge through documents and data. The files can be structured and access can be managed for groups of people or for specific persons.


We are cultural technologists

Dr. Gianluca Colombo
Chief Executive Officer
Olga Daitche
Operations Manager
Felix Delattre
Digital Product Manager
Alessio Vertemati
Lead developer
Salaidin Kamaldinov
Customer liaison
Paul Scheunemann
Infrastructure Engineer
Farrukh Nazarmavloev
Operations Tajikistan
Albina Muzafarova
Customer liaison