Solutions for cooperation

We support organizations, projects and networks to strengthen collaboration and learning through Knowledge Management

Assessment and organizational analysis

  • We map current knowledge and information flows within and across organizations
  • We identify and analyse knowledge management needs to strengthen organizational workflows
  • We analyse technological requirements, governance structures, and roles that determine organizational workflows
  • We identify technologies that meet your projects' and organizational needs

Knowledge management strategies

  • We provide methods to help organizations developing knowledge management strategies
  • We support organizations and teams along the process of building up the strategy
  • We provide support in developing workplans and roadmaps for knowledge management strategy implementation

Implementation and change management

  • We guide teams in realization of knowledge management measures
  • We provide hosting, maintenance and user support for embedding new technology into organizations
  • We support the design and management of knowledge management and ICT projects
  • We accompany change management processes through coaching, training and piloting

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Knowledge Management Framework (KM-f)

We work to foster access to data and knowledge co-creation in distributed communities of practice. The knowledge management framework highlights our approach to needs assessment, identification of change management requirements and piloting knowledge management interventions.

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Part of Knowledge management – from bottleneck to success factor by GIZ GmbH in collaboration with OneOffTech under Creative Commons Attribution 4.0.