Open Source at OneOffTech

OneOffTech embraces Open Source when looking at digital technologies.

Our team contributes to a variety of Open Source projects. We make use of Open Source software both for our internal management and as enabling solution to meet clients' digital transformation needs.

What we use and contribute to

OOT / Video Service

Web application to self-host videos in a Youtube style. Support embedding and HTTP Live Streaming (HLS)

OOT / GeoServer client PHP

GeoServer API client to handle geo-spatial files (GeoTIFF, Shapefile). GeoServer Client PHP is an OSGeo Community Project


Provides multi-user conferencing over WebRTC stack to create real-time audio and/or video applications

OOT / Laravel Connect Identity

Provide login and registration scaffolding via third party identity providers using Laravel Socialite


Jigsaw is a framework for rapidly building static sites using Laravel’s Blade template engine

TMI Time Tracker

A barebone time tracker for your work

OOT / Laravel TUS Upload

A package for handling resumable file uploads, in a Laravel application, using the TUS protocol


Web based document management system with full-text search to organize documents and data

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What we use


Rocket.Chat is our asynchrounous messaging application where we have spontaneous chats, discussions and reminders


Mumble is a low latency, high quality voice chat. It allows to have direct or group audio-calls while requiring low bandwith


Our go to application to create, store and share documents

Gitlab Community Edition

The platform we use for agile management of both software and knowledge management projects


Our self-hosted mailserver


The proxy we use to make our infrastructure accessible

We openly share our stack. OneOff-Tech is not affiliated with Rocket.Chat, Mumble, Nextcloud, Gitlab, Mailu or Traefik. Trademarks are of respective owners