Ekaterina Chuprikova

Consultant Cartographer and Data analyst

I am a cartographer by profession and passion admiring my domain for merging science, art, and technology. I obtained my M.Sc. degree from three European Universities (TU Munich, TU Vienna, TU Dresden), while during my Ph.D. at TU Munich, I moved beyond the European borders to gain scientific training in visual analytics and remote-sensing-based mapping at the Pennsylvania State University (USA) and Geomatics Center of China (Beijing, China).

From my background as a cartographer and visual analytics researcher, I can see the potential of a human-centric approach to information and knowledge management. In my work, I exploit advances in data visualization and data analytics to provide insights into complex spatiotemporal datasets. The knowledge and experience I gain from my career in science and industry, I share with OneOffTech as an invited consultant.

Fluent in English, Russian, R, Geostatistics, and intermediate German & Italian.