Who we are

We are an international company offering open source solutions and organizational support – since 2016. Spanning our expertise from computer science and software development to cultural anthropology and philosophy we trust in and use our competences for creative solutions.

We work with a diverse pool of consultants, that are essentially multi-ethnic, distributed and highly flexible.

Knowledge and its distribution are essential to us. We provide both technical components for the promotion of knowledge processes within organizations, as well as strategic expertise.

OneOff hide two souls...

On or Off which means all or nothing, the light and the dark

One of which expresses the one of a kind


CEO and Knowledge management advisor
Operations and Organizational support advisor
Consultant Software developer
Working student Organizational development and Data science
Consultant Knowledge management and education
Consultant Cartographer and Data analyst


Salaidin Kamaldinov
Alberto Agnelli
Lawyer and digital copyright expert
Farrukh Nazarmavloev
Sustainable land management expert
Luca Lelli
Earth observation scientist
Paul Scheunemann
Infrastructure engineer